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About Frances


Frances Newton Stacy started her broadcasting career appearing weekly on the Gerry V show on the Rush Radio Network from 2008-2010.  There she gained wide appeal and honed her skills for being able to explain a very complex subject matter in simple terms. She then began appearing on the local Fox 5 in Las Vegas. From there in 2010 Frances branched out to appearing regularly on Fox Business News. She has also appeared on CNBC. 

Frances grew up in Colorado, where she attended the University of Denver. She discovered her passion for technical analysis and trading various markets in 2007. She has blogged for traders to help them see key cycles and key numbers of support and resistance. She has also spoken on the subject and taught a number of private trading students. 

Frances perfectly predicted on the stock market crash, which began in October 2007 and is amongst the very few who successfully traded the downturn. She got out of stocks a month before the all time high and simultaneously got into the historic gold trade. Frances also called the market bottom on the Gerry V show in March of 2009 when she warned his audience that the market would go up for a while. 

Wanting to be able to predict and time the next credit crisis has become Frances' passion of study. On this journey she studied the banking and credit systems in depth. Frances discovered what has to be present in order to have a credit crisis. She also enjoyed studying the underlying algorithm of our banking system, which has an undeniable mathematical structure that regardless of the market swings is always present and has predictable implications. 

Frances currently lives in Northern California with her husband and Jack Russell Terrier.  She created this website to give insight into the likely short term and long term economic impacts of President Trump's and the Fed's policies.